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To be able to translate business, information, and application architectures into solutions that really work in a real world, the supporting infrastructure services should be in line. The result would make architecture stronger as a whole and enable architecture to deliver solutions that are consistent from beginning to end. To enhance the effectiveness of architecture, we must pay attention to infrastructure architecture to complete the whole picture.

bizAlps Inc specializes in delivering infrastructure architecture and the following explains our strengths:

  • Greater insight into and overview of existing complex infrastructure services by preparing a transparent and structured taxonomy.
  • Development of a structured, standardized, and consolidated set of infrastructure services that optimally support business processes and applications. This prevents overlapping and diversity of services, and thus reduces the complexity of managed services and life-cycle management. Standardization produces greater flexibility bottom-up, because it makes it easier to carry out expansions, changes, and replacements.
  • A balanced examination of the possibilities that are offered by new technologies and a concrete path towards solutions to the challenges that occur in business operations. Specialized expertise is used to dispel hype, but without missing opportunities. Architecture thus strengthens the demand side in an area that is frequently dominated by the supply side (that is, manufacturers and suppliers).
  • Transparent and complete input—both technical and functional—for engineering, building, and testing activities. Architecture avoids a one-sided, technical approach to projects for building infrastructure services, and it also safeguards the alignment of delivered products with the predefined requirements for functionality and quality.
  • Improved alignment with operational services, because architecture enables engineering that is driven by service-level agreements (SLAs)/operating-level agreements (OLAs). Service-level management and operational services play a role at an early stage of creating new infrastructure services. This results in better and more effectively supported SLAs and OLAs. In combination with standardization and consolidation, this reduces the complexity of service-level management and operational services, too, because there is less diversity in the SLAs and OLAs.

Infrastructure architecture process

The process an IA undergoes is one of assessment, evaluation, and then planning/designing the solution. From the initial presentation to the solution developer to the more complex Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculations, this linear model helps the IA justify the new components of the solution for the business.


  • J2EE and .Net Platform
  • Enterprise Application Management
  • Mobile Solutions
  • E-Business
  • Infrastructure Management

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